Museum of Technology

Finland's Museum of Technology, founded in 1969 and opened in 1975, is housed in the historic waterworks buildings that were built in the 1870s for the Helsinki Water Board and closed in the 1960s. They are spectacularly located on the island of Kuninkaankartano at the mouth of the Vantaa River.

The museum uses interactive exhibits to tell the story of Finland's development from an agrarian society to a leading developer and producer of high technology on the world market, as well as other topics related to the country's technological development. Among other things, visitors can learn about the history of the printing and chemical industries, sugar production, the processing of forest products and metallurgy. A large part of the exhibition takes place in the circular hall of the former water treatment plant. It explains, among other things, how the former waterworks and its components worked. This includes the hydroelectric power station that was once installed on the site.

Museum of Technology
Tekniikan Museo
Viikintie 1
00560 Helsinki
+358 (0) 9 - 7288440

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:30-60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website
Infrastructure for children:
Visitor centre on site:yes
Gift and book shop on site:yes

Tuesday, Friday 11am-5pm
Wednesday - Thursday 11am-8pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

  • Guided tours optional
  • Guided tours for children