Museum of Paper

The museum of paper is in a working paper mill in the village of Acquasanta in the hills north-west of Genoa. The Piccardo paper mill was built in a narrow valley with a good supply of clean water in 1756 and continued to operate until 1985. The museum was begun by the Commune of Mele in 1992. The tools and equipment have been kept in working order. Master papermakers still produce paper by traditional methods and guide visitors through the processes. Visitors follow the journey from textile or wood fibres to finished paper. A waterwheel is connected to ‘Hollander beaters’ for preparing the pulp. Hand processes are demonstrated of dipping a frame of wire mesh into liquid pulp, removing the sheets and drying them. The mill also has a continuous paper machine and numerous examples of tools and equipment. The museum shows audiovisuals and reconstructions. Courses and workshops are run for artisan papermakers.

Museum of Paper
Museo della Carta
Via Acquasanta, 251
16010 Acquasanta
+39 (0) 347 - 1679042