Museum of Lacemaking

Horst is a small town in the northern part of Limburg province where the museum is concerned chiefly with the lace and embroidery industry that once flourished in the region. There are displays of tools, machines and patterns, together with a display of the products of the industry which is backed up with a substantial reserve collection. The Museum holds a photographic archive, and has an extensive library devoted to the textile industry and particularly to the making of lace and embroidery.  Broader aspects of local history are covered in a varied collection of historical artefacts in the Antiquity Room. The Museum is the starting point for several cycling routes along which visitors can learn more of the history of the area.

Museum of Lacemaking
Museum de Kantfabriek
Amricaanseweg 8
5961 GP Horst
+31 (0) 77 - 3981650