Museum of Iron Ore Mining

Częstochowa in southern Poland was the centre of the country’s iron ore mining industry. A museum was established in 1968 with displays illustrating mining techniques, and collections of winding equipment, roof support systems, tools, drilling and face-cutting machinery, lighting and ventilation systems, locomotives used underground and mining maps. Subsequently the museum was re-located to tunnels excavated in 1974-76 linking exhibition pavilions in the Stanislaw Staszic Park. Visitors gain from the underground displays a thorough understanding of the conditions experienced by past generations of iron ore miners. Artefacts have been gathered from many different mines in the region.

Museum of Iron Ore Mining
Muzeum Górnictwa Rud Żelaza
Aleja Najświętszej Marii Panny 47
42-217 Częstochwa
+48 (0) 34 - 3605633