Museum of Firefigthting

Opened in 2005, the museum is housed in the Art Nouveau building of the former German volunteer fire brigade, which has been extended by a modern annex. The history, methods and challenges of the broad spectrum of firefighting are vividly presented in seven thematic areas.

The exhibits, such as historical and modern vehicles, sirens, technical equipment, helmets, uniforms, breathing apparatus, are partly integrated into model situations such as rescuing people in a traffic accident or rescue from heights and depths. Films of real fire brigade operations are shown in a cinema hall with impressive large-screen projection. In an integrated safety centre, the cooperation of various rescue services in dealing with major incidents is simulated.

Museum of Firefigthting
Hasičské muzeum města Ostravy
Zákrejsova 53/3
70200 Ostrava
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 596 - 136841