Museum of Engraving

Guntramsdorf is a small town with about 9000 inhabitants, south-west of Vienna on the edge of the Vienna Woods. The Museum Walzengravieranstalt (Museum of Engraving) opened in 1989 on the premises that were occupied from 1911 until closure in 1986 by a business established by a Czech engraver, Johann Endler. He served a variety of manufacturers in the region, printers, weavers, leather and glass workers and makers of cigarette and cigar papers and napkins. In later years customers included makers of metallic foils and plastics. At its peak the workshop employed up to 25 people, working on lathes and other tools powered by line shafting. Endler refused to engage in war production and during the Second World War the workshop was leased to others. After the war hand-engraving became less and less viable, and the company lacked the resources to invest in new technology. The museum preserves all the essential equipment of a vital trade that is often overlooked. It stages temporary exhibitions and is a popular venue for performances.

Museum of Engraving
Museum Walzengravieranstalt
Steinfeldgasse 4
2353 Guntramsdorf
+43 (0) 699 - 17470706