Museum of Beer

The Museu da Cerveja (Museum of Beer) in Lisbon has displays relating to the beer brewed in all the
Portuguese-speaking countries, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde and San Tomé & Prince, as well as Portugal itself. The museum tells the story of beer from the first century BC to the present with particular emphasis of the development of industrial-scale breweries in the nineteenth century. The centrepiece of the displays is a reconstruction of a sixteenth century monastic brewery. This museum, like most of its kind, provides samples of beer for its visitors, but this is perhaps the only one to invite them to drink as they study the exhibits. The museum takes pride in the quality of the food provided in its 250-seater restaurant, which includes a popular terrace alongside the River Tagus.

Museum of Beer
Museu da Cerveja
Praça do Comércio-Ala Nascente 62/65
1100-148 Lisbon
+35 (0) 121098 - 7656