Municipal Museum of Cutlery

Apart from Thiers (F) and Solingen (D), Albacete ranks among Europe’s most important cutlery manufacturing centers. The industrial quartes beyond the old city gates and in Madrigueras, a small town to the north, are home to about 70 companies with almost 2,000 employees. Europe's only technical college specialized in cutlery opened in Albacete in 2001.

The municipal museum, established in an old city palace in 2004, focuses on the cutlery industry as well. Its galleries feature an extraordinary collection of products that cover several centuries and are regularly supported by special exhibitions with specific events for children and trails exploring the city on the traces of the sector’s history.

Municipal Museum of Cutlery
Museo Municipal de la Cuchillería
Plaza de la Catedral s/n
02001 Albacete
+34 (0) 967 - 616 600