Motor Cycle Museum

The museum at Canillo holds a large collection of motor bicycles, supplemented by examples loaned by museum supporters. Some date from the early years of the twentieth century, including a Française-Diamant steam-powered vehicle of 1900 and a Cleveland of 1915 made in the United States. There are examples from most of the legendary brands, a Majestic made in France in 1930, and a 1200 cc Harley Davidson of 1974, as well as Hondas, BSAs and Velocettes. There are also motor scooters, including several Vespas, and bikes used for motor-cross which is popular in Andorra. The most unusual is perhaps a military BMW from the Second World War which seated four soldiers and was armed with a machine gun. The museum occupies semi-underground premises beneath the car park of the church St Joan de Casalles.

Motor Cycle Museum
Museu de los Dues Rodes
AD100 Canillo
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