Motala Motor Museum

The motor museum at Motala was opened in 1995 and stands in an attractive location on the shore of Lake Vättern. Its collection numbers more than two hundred vehicles including mopeds and bicycles as well as cars. There is a fully-operation garage and filling station of the 1920s, and a touring caravan from the 1950s. The museum has several cars that carried celebrities visiting Sweden, including an armoured Lincoln imported for Nikita Krushchev (1894-1971) on a tour in 1964 – it broke down completely shortly after the Soviet visitor departed, and a Cadillac of 1966 used by several heads of state including Mrs Indira Gandhi (1917-84) prime minister of India. The museum has several Rolls Royces. The 125 motor cycles include Italian Ducati and MV Augusta,models, BSA Bantams from the United Kingdom and  Indian Chiefs from the United States. One section of the museum has cameras, projectors, enlargers and other photographic equipment, while another holds a collection of more than 300 radios and television sets, and tape recorders, many of which were made in the Luxor factory at Motala.

Motala Motor Museum
Hamnen Platensgatan 2
59135 Motala
+44 (0) 141 - 58888