Moravian-Silesian Tourism, s.r.o.

The Moravian-Silesian region was industrialised already during the times of Austria-Hungary in the 19th century and still today is one of the most important industrial areas in Central Europe with its coal mining, iron and steel production and vehicle industry.

‘Moravian-Silesian Tourism' highlights the evidence of the region's rich industrial and technical history on the ERIH Regional Route 'TECHNOTRASA'. The virtual route leads to more than 30 technical objects connected with the tradition of mining, metallurgy, railway transport, automotive industry, but also firefighting, brewing, military and agricultural history. The route includes not only monuments from the time of the Industrial Revolution, but also artefacts that are much older or younger. It thus offers a diverse picture of the industrial heritage so typical of the region.

Moravian-Silesian Tourism, s.r.o.
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