Miele Museum

One of Germany's best-known brands is the Miele company from Gütersloh in eastern Westphalia. Its history began in 1899 when Carl Miele (1869-1938) and Reinhard Zinkann (1869-1939) founded a company to manufacture milk centrifuges. Soon other agricultural aggregates such as butter machines were produced, as well as mechanical washing machines developed from their technology. Other household and kitchen appliances followed, such as washing machines with electric drives, hoovers and dishwashers. For a while, bicycles, motor-bicycles as well as motorbikes and even cars were also produced. From the mid-1970s, the company concentrated on the production of electrical appliances for households as well as industry. To this day, the company is owned by the two founding families.

The museum tells the success story of the company and presents the diverse products it has manufactured over the decades. Visitors are thus given an overview of the development of domestic appliance technology in the 20th century. Information on the latest Miele products such as fully networked household appliances round off the exhibition.

Miele Museum
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
33332 Gütersloh
+49 (0) 5241 - 890