Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira Museum

Eduardo Duarte Ferreira (1856-1948) was an entrepreneur in engineering who founded the company Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira (MDF). It made agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, safes, enamel ware and commercial vehicles among other products. Ferreira had an important influence on the history of the town of Tramagal, which itself became a brand name. The museum opened in 2017 in the former MDF factory in Tramagal. The museum follows the history of the MDF company from when it was established in 1879 to its break-up in 1994. Beautifully designed displays show photographs, films and documents about the company and its community. Alongside these are examples of the great diversity of products it made: steel ploughs, domestic enamel wares, olive oil mills and other equipment, manh carrying the iconic company symbol of a butterfly.

Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira Museum
Museu Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira
R. Comendador, R. Eduardo Duarte Ferreira nº. 116
2205-697 Tramagal
+351 (0) 968 - 504601