Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock

The sole remaining first class ticket for the Titanic and the complete log book of a Liverpool slave-trader: these are just two of the treasures to be found in the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Here within the historic walls of the Albert Dock you can chart the history of one of the world’s most important ports. Model ships and original wooden ships, paintings, documents and hundred of other exhibits will tell you more about slave ships and luxury liners, poverty-stricken emigrants and seafaring pioneers, of the dark and lighter aspects of a busy trading centre. From the start of the 18th century the Merseyside city was the pivot of British Atlantic trade. Millions of tons of American cotton passed through its dockyards on their way to the booming English textile mills. In its turn Liverpool exported a broad selection of British factory goods, sometimes even complete prefabricated houses and metal churches. The Merseyside Maritime Museum throws open the gateway to the past. As such it has long been an attractive venue for present-day visitors.

Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock
Albert Dock
L3 4AQ Liverpool
United Kingdom
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