Merino Energy Museum

The museum opened in 2012 in the electricity generating station of Bursa Merinos woollen factory. The factory was built in 1938 and the dedicated power station continued in use until 1973, fired by coal. It is still recognisable by its row of four steel chimneys at one end of the building. The museum explores the importance of electricity in daily life and industrial production through photographs, documents, models, graphics and films, hundreds of original artefacts and many examples of equipment that uses electricity, such as radios, washing machines and lamps. The original structures and machinery of the power station are preserved while creating displays around them with walkways, colourful lighting and life-size figures. Visitors walk through the generating hall and also the boiler house, where 14 steam boilers still exist, shown in a sound and light display that creates an impression of steam.

Merino Energy Museum
Merinos Enerji Muzesi
Ataturk Kongre Kultur Merkezi, Merinos Parki, Kuzey Kapisi
16200 Bursa
+90 (0) 224 - 7163722