Mayrau Open Air Museum of Mining

The village of Vinařice lies between Kladno and Slaný, about 30 km west of Prague. Mayrau was a very large coal mine dating from 1874 with shafts extending 527 m below the surface that ceased operation in 1997. The decision to develop a museum on the site was taken as early as 1993 when the mine was still working, and some of the surface buildings were opened to the public in 1994 in celebration of the mine’s 120th anniversary. The project became part of the OKD Mining Museum at Ostrava in 2001. Visitors are able to explore a show gallery that extends 130 m into the Homola hill, to see mining machinery from the early 20th century and to admire the mine’s imposing headstock and winding gear. They can inspect the mine rescue station and the rooms where the miners changed into their working clothes and left such contraband items as tobacco and matches. There are displays of the maps and plans of the mine, and of fossils and other geological evidence.

Mayrau Open Air Museum of Mining
Hornický skanzen Mayrau
27307 Vinařice
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 312 - 273067