Maritime Museum Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum is the most ancient shipping Museum in the Netherlands. Since the establishment in 1874 it developed itself from a modest showroom to a large museum with contemporary exhibitions. The extensive Museum Collection belongs to the most important in the world. Meanwhile the number of Museum assets increased to more than half a million objects. The Nedlloyd Collection plays an important permanent role. Together with the Harbour Museum it is considered as Maritime Quarters Rotterdam. The collection of the Harbour Museum consists of working objects. These objects are connected by a thematically coherence whereas the red wire is the history of the Rotterdam Harbour. The collection is sub divided in themes and is presented in telling stories. It is an ‘open museum’ also accessible outside opening hours for a walk along the quay and sheds. The Harbour Museum is accessible free of charge. The Maritime Quarters Rotterdam is a perfect display of the maritime heritage in- and related to the Rotterdam Harbour.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
Leuvehaven 1
3011 EA Rotterdam
+31 (0) 10 - 4132680