Maritime Museum of Montenegro

The ancient port of Kotor is part of the Venetian Works of Defence World Heritage site. It is on a narrow channel off the Adriatic. In the eighteenth century 300 ships worked from the port. The Maritime Museum of Montenegro is in the centre of the walled city. The museum was begun in about 1880 by the Boka Marine Fraternity and opened to the public in 1900. In 1938 it moved to the eighteenth-century Baroque palace that it still occupies, and in 1984 it reopened after refurbishment following the 1979 earthquake. In the entrance hall are bronze panels showing events and people from the history of Kotor and a collection of ship models. The central exhibition hall presents the period of Kotor’s greatest maritime importance, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Other displays show the development of steamships and the Kotor shipping company Jugooceanija, founded in 1955. There are also collections of uniforms, a copy of the earliest document relating to shipping at Kotor, in 1171, and displays about training ships and the merchant navy of former Yugoslavia.

Maritime Museum of Montenegro
Pomorski Muzej Crne Gore Oalata Grgrurina
Trg Bokeljske Mornarice 391
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