Mariager Saltcenter

Mariager is a small town situated in a fiord on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula north of Århus.  Salt has been produced in the area since the middle ages and the salt centre provides a wide-ranging introduction to its history. Pans that were used to produce salt by boiling sea water are demonstrated, and an elevator takes visitors to experience the working conditions in a salt mine. The collection of artefacts includes more than 2,000 salt cellars. There are imaginative interactive displays, and educational programmes are provided for schoolchildren who are able to manufacture salt in a laboratory. One of the most unusual experiences offered by the centre is the opportunity to bathe in a pool that has the same degree of salinity as the Dead Sea. The museum shop offers a unique range of flavoured salts.

Mariager Saltcenter
Ny Havnevej 6
9550 Mariager
+45 (0) 98 - 541816