Margarethenhőhe Settlement

Margarethenhőhe is the most celebrated of the Garden City style siedlungen (colonies) established by the Krupp iron and steel company of Essen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was designed by Professor Dr Georg Metzendorf (1874-1934) who was well aware of Garden City developments in other European countries, and was built in 29 stages between 1909 and the mid-1930s. It was centred on a market square, and separated by a green belt from the rest of Essen. Experimental building techniques were employed in some of the houses. The colony accommodated city officials as well as Krupp employees, and was well-known for its communal buildings, the Kruppsche Konsum supermarket, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, a library, and schools.

Margarethenhőhe became a protected monument in 1987 and remains under the management of the Margarethe Krupp Housing Foundation. The Ruhr Museum displays to visitors one of the model apartments and maintains a permanent exhibition ‘The Garden City Margarethenhőhe’ in the Kleines Atelierhaus.

Margarethenhőhe Settlement
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