Louwman Museum

The collection of vehicles now displayed in the Louwman Museum was begun in 1934 by a family closely involved in the motor trade in the Netherlands, who are currently importers of Lexus, Toyota and Suzuki cars. It was formerly known in previous locations as the Louwman Collection and the Nationaal Automobiel Museum (National Automobile Museum). It has been displayed since 2010 in a building designed by the American architect Michael Graves, which includes three floors of exhibition space. The collection comprises more than 230 cars and is chiefly important for the coverage it gives to the early years of the motor car industry. It includes more examples manufactured before 1910 than any other collection, the oldest being a Benz Patent vehicle of 1886. It also reflects the history of motor car manufacturing in the Netherlands, with fifteen examples of the Dutch Spyker marque, and the only remaining Eysink car, manufactured in Amersfoort. The museum also holds a large collection of paintings and drawings by the English artist Frederick Gordon Crosby (1885-1943) who specialised in illustrating motor cars in all kinds of contexts, and worked for the Autocar journal for most of his adult life.

Louwman Museum
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