Lithuanian Aviation Museum

The Lithuanian Aviation Museum originated in 1963 when a group of enthusiasts began to collect artefacts relating to the history of flying. The museum opened in 1982 and has been known as the Lithuanian Aviation Museum since 1995. It occupies a site on the Darius and Girenas airfield which takes its name from Steponas Darius (1896-1933) and Stasys Girénas, both born in Lithuania, who emigrated with their families to the United States and became involved in aviation. On 15 July 1933 they began a flight intended to go from New York to Kaunas, a distance of 7186 km. They successfully crossed Atlantic but crashed near Soldin (Pszczelnik) and both were killed. The museum has a collection of 43 aircraft and gliders. The indoor section uses images to tell the story of Lithuanian aviation from its beginnings to present day.

Lithuanian Aviation Museum
Lietuvos aviacijos muziejus
Vieverių g 132
46338 Kaunas
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