Les Grandes Moulins de France

The milling complex known as Les Grands Moulins de Paris on the left bank of the River Seine in the 13th arrondisement, not far from the Bibliotheque National, was built between 1919 and 1924 to the design of the architect Georges Wybo (1880-1943).

It is a range of imposing concrete and glass buildings, with the principal blocks of four storeys. Milling ceased at the complex in 1996 after which the buildings were adapted under the direction of Rudy Ricciotti to provide accommodation for the Universite de Paris VII, which takes its name from the philosopher Denis Diderot. Staff and students moved into the new premises in 1907. The name of Les Grands Moulins is preserved by the multi-national food company that formerly owned the site.

Les Grandes Moulins de France
Quai Panhard et Lavassor
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