Landtechnikmuseum Burgenland

The museum opened in 1995, and shows the development of agricultural machinery over two centuries, from the sickle to the remotely-controlled combine harvester. Its exhibits include some of the traditional wooden carts used by farmers in Austria, and in other parts of Eastern Europe, and two substantial collections of vehicles by Steyr and Porsche. A steam engine by Umrath & Co of Prague built in 1903, worked till 1965, and other exhibits include a threshing machine of 1928 and a nineteenth century machine for separating grain from chaff on the auger principle. Some aspects of the history of agricultural machinery are illustrated by models, and some smaller tools and utensils can be seen in context in a re-constructed farmhouse.

Landtechnikmuseum Burgenland
7535 Sankt-Michael-im-Burgenland
+43 (0) 3327 - 8813