Kit Hill Country Park

Kit Hill is a landmark hilltop located in the east of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape WHS. The hill has a rich mining heritage and its ornate feature chimney, a reminder of its mining past, dominates the landscape for miles around. The area is now a country park extending to 152 hectares where the combined natural and industrial landscapes can be fully appreciated. There are views from the elevated position (334 metres above sea level) across Cornwall from coast to coast and it is one of the county’s most impressive views.

In the area tin, silver, copper and wolfram were mined and the mines and quarries date from the early 17 th up to the early 20 th centuries. There are very few structures remaining, however, there are remnants of an early railway, mainly granite blocks, on the northern slopes of the country park.

Kit Hill Country Park
PL17 8HW Callington
United Kingdom