Iron Museum of the Moncorvo Region

Torre de Moncorvo, 150 km E of Oporto, was, from Roman times, a significant centre of ironmaking. All the iron ore mines are now closed, but the remains of an eighteenth century blast furnace at Chapa Cunha were excavated in 1983, and two years later the iron museum was established in a new building by the ironworking company Ferrominas EP. It illustrates the history of technology by displays of tools and equipment, including several large pairs of bellows, and by the display of works of art featuring ironmaking. The museum also serves as the starting point for trails guiding visitors to the archaeological remains of ironworks in the vicinity.

Iron Museum of the Moncorvo Region
Museu do ferro
Largo Dr Balbino Rego 7
5160 Torre de Moncorvo
+351 (0) 279 - 252724