Industrial and Handcraft Textile Museum

This is a museum about woollen manufacture by both handlooms and machines in the towns of Mira de Aire and Minde in the 20th century. It is a small carpet factory that opened in 1933 called Tapetes Dom Fuas and later Tapetes Vitória. The factory closed in 2010. It made both carpets and fine-quality tapestries. Blankets, cloths and knitted fabrics were also made locally. The attractive building is in a residential district with a single storey at the front and two at the back. The museum opened in 2020. It has equipment for all stages of processing, from raw wool to finished products. Techniques are demonstrated using small handlooms and full-size weaving machines and products are available in a museum shop. Other objects on show include pattern-books of carpet designs and the contents of a complete tailor’s workshop and the factory office. The subject is introduced with a video and panels and there is a display of hand tools, loom shuttles and other small objects.

Industrial and Handcraft Textile Museum
Museu Industrial e Artesanal do Têxtil
Rua das Grutas, 593
2485-059 Mira de Aire
+351 (0) 244 - 449269