Iggemans Iron Mill

Iggesund is a small town in Hudiksvall municipality in Gävleborg county, 126 km north of the city of Gävle where an ironworks, consisting of a blast furnace, two Walloon forges and a hammer shop, was established in 1685 by Isaac Breant. It remained a small enterprise until the 1870s when it was substantially enlarged by the Tamm family. Much larger blast furnaces, which still survive, were constructed in 1875 and 1895, together with calcining furnaces, a Lancashire forge, two Bessemer converters, rolling mills and a foundry. The works began to contract in the 1940s as AB Iggesund concentrated on forest products, wood, wood pulp, paper and hydro-electric power. The museum, sponsored by present owners, Holmen AB, provides access to the well-preserved buildings of the ironworks, show films of the works in operations, and also illustrates present-day activities in the paper industry. 

Iggemans Iron Mill
Iggemans Bruksminnen
Malmvägen 15
82523 Iggesund
+46 (0) 650 - 20558