Iceland Aviation Museum

Located in a large hangar at Akureyri Airport, the museum explores over a century of Iceland’s aviation history. It opened in June 2000. The collection includes over thirty aircraft of various sizes, from a Bensen gyrocopter to a Boeing 727 jet liner. Functional types include passenger aircraft, cargo planes, rescue helicopters and air-ambulances. Among the star exhibits are Björn Pálsson’s Auster V (Iceland’s first air ambulance), the Douglas DC-3 that operated at Keflavík Air Base, the Junkers F13 (the first passenger aircraft to be built entirely of metal) and objects recovered from the wreckage of a British Royal Air Force aircraft that crashed in Iceland in 1941. Visitors can go inside many of the aircraft and see historical photographs, videos, engines and pilots’ belongings, including their logbooks. Most aircraft are in working condition and are flown during the museum’s annual Air Show in June.

Iceland Aviation Museum
Flugsafn Íslands
Akureyri Airport
600 Akureyri
+354 (0) 461 - 4400