Hydro-Power Plant - Electrical Museum

Prizren is a substantial city with a population of about 80,000 in southern Kosovo. The municipality has borders with Albania and Macedonia. The Prizrenasja hydro-electric power plant was the first to be erected in Kosovo and began generating in 1929. It was built by an Austrian company to take advantage of the fast-flowing Lumbardh river which flows through a gorge about 2.5 km from the centre of the city. Turbines drive a 160 KW generator on the ground floor above which was accommodation for the transmission apparatus. The building is of local stone and is crenelated. The power plant worked until 1973.

By 1979 the building had been adapted as the Electrical Museum of Kosovo, with exhibition rooms, a restaurant and a bar. The museum ceased to open during the wares of the 1990s, but was restored with the help of money from the United States and other countries in 2011-12.

Hydro-Power Plant - Electrical Museum
Hidroelektrana – Muzej elektroprivrede
Lumbardh Gorge Jabllanica
20000 Prizren