Homburg Paper Mill Museum

The paper mill at Homburg is a building with two storeys of traditional timber-framed construction, above which is a double Mansard roof, rather like a pagoda, in which were the lofts for drying paper. Homburg is in the wine-producing area of Franconia, and lies on the banks of the River Main. The water-powered mill was built in 1807 and continued to produce paper and cardboard until 1975. The machinery then working has been kept in its entirety and is displayed to visitors, as are the apartments of the family who last worked the mill, which have been kept as they were in the 1970s. The mill opened as a museum in 1997 and includes displays illustrating the various materials used in making paper and cardboard, the development of papermaking technology and watermarks. Craftsmen in a modern workshop make paper by hand that is offered for sale to visitors.

Homburg Paper Mill Museum
Gartenstrasse 11
97855 Homburg / Main
+49 (0) 9395 - 99222