Hjedding Meierimuseum

The preserved creamery in the village of Hjedding, managed by the museum at Olgod, is a monument of a particular stage in the development of the food industry not just in Denmark but in Europe as a whole. In the late 19th century small farmers in several countries established co-operative creameries manufacturing and marketing butter and cheese to consistent standards, and sometimes supplying fresh milk to cities, making use of such new technology as the cream separator, patented in 1878.


The small creamery at Hjedding is laid out as it would have been when it opened in 1882, with a ‘maglekilde-separator’ of the kind designed by L C Neilson, a cheese vat and press, a butter churn and butter worker, and a small steam engine that operated the machines.

Hjedding Meierimuseum
Mejerimuseet Hjedding Andelsmejeri
Hjeddingvej 2
6870 Olgod
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