Herraskoski Canal Museum

Virratt is a large village due north of Tampere, which grew up during the twentieth century. It is set in a particularly attractive landscape and is regarded as a ‘heritage village’ where several historic buildings are preserved. The 825 m. long Herraskoski Canal was built between 1903 and 1907 to connect Lake Näsijörvi with Lake Toisvesi, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Finland. It was landscaped in the Romantic Nationalist style, and for much of its length is bordered by lines of Siberian Fir trees. It is open for visiting boats during the summer months. The museum is situated by the upper entrance to the canal and has displays illustrating the history of navigation on several canals in the region as well as on the River Kokemäjoki and on Lake Päijänne. In the nearby village of Killinkoski a ribbon factory of 1908 designed by Josef Stenbäck has been adapted as a venue for cultural events. Varrat is linked with Tampere in summertime by sailings of the steamship "Tarjanne", built in 1908, which travels via the Murole Canal, and can carry more than 100 passengers.

Herraskoski Canal Museum
Herrasentie 16
34800 Virrat
+358 (0) 20 - 6373413