Hermoupolis Industrial Museum

Hermoupolis is an industrial community with an astonishing history. The island of Syros is relatively barren, has few classical antiquities of note, and had a population of only about 4000 in 1800. From 1821 at the beginning of the war between Greece and Turkey Greek migrants previously resident in Asia Minor and other Aegean islands began to settle at Hermoupolis, and their commercials and technological skills transformed it into a thriving industrial city, milling corn brought from the Black Sea, processing lead from Lavrion, spinning cotton, tanning leather on a large scale, and, after the establishment of the Neorion Yard by the British engineer David Smith in 1861, building iron ships.

The museum: Built in 1888, the building first housed a lead shot factory before becoming a paint and dye works in 1909. A significant part of Syros’ industrial history is kept, restored and promoted by the industrial museum which opened in May 12, 2000. The exceptional industrial heritage of Syros invites the interested visitor to an exciting and informative tour.

Hermoupolis Industrial Museum
George Papandreou 11
84100 Hermoupolis
+30 (0) 22810 - 84762

Recommended duration of visit:1 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:Available
Infrastructure for children:
Visitor centre on site:yes

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-3.30pm
Saturday 10am-3pm and 6-8pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

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