The Hembrugterrein is a former industrial and military complex. It measures about 45 ha and housed the socalled Artillerie Inrichtingen, where new armouries and weapons were developed and tested. The complex is situated in the heart of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a permanent ring of defence around Amsterdam an the surrounding cities. It´s structures was based on the technique of inundation. The system was a ring of dikes with fortifications. The Stelling was built between 1880 and 1920. While the building of fortresses was making progress, the logistics had to be taken care of. The replacement of the Artillerie Inrichtingen from Delft (outside the Stelling) to Zaandam was an importent step in that process.

The other reason of the replacement from Delft to Zaandam was the development of a new type of gun. Because of the necessity of a different type of ammunition for this gun a new factory had to be established. To make sure that the factory could expand if necessary it was built at the Hemveld, a large area near Zaandam at the North Sea Canal. The first parts of the complex were ready in 1899. Also established at the complex were a factory of light guns and a few warehouses to store ammunition. Close to the Artillerie Inrichtingen the Algemeen Verdedigingspark was founded. This was a central store of light and heavy armour, gunpowder, projectiles and other military materials.

Hemkade 2
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