Helsingborg Printing Museum

The printing museum in Helsingborg, the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, was established in 1988 during the celebrations of the centenary of the Graphic Workers Union in the city. The project attracted strong support from former workers in the industry, and the first displays opened in 1990 were manned by a ‘group of eight’ ex-printers. The museum prospered and now has the support of more than 50 volunteers. It was rehoused in 1994-95 in a new building constructed within the Fredriksdal open air museum. The starting point of the design was the printing works of the Helsingborg Dagblad (daily newspaper) which was demolished in 1913.

This is a museum in which visitors can see every machine working. They can observe hand-setting of traditional lead typefaces, and the operation of typesetting machines and hand and powered presses. The craft of bookbinding is demonstrated and visitors can also try to make their own paper.

Helsingborg Printing Museum
Helsingborg Grafiskamuseet Fredriksdal Museum & Gardens
Gisella Trapps väg 5
25437 Helsingborg
+46 (0) 421 - 04524