Hellenic Motor Museum

The Hellenic Motor Museum is owned by the foundation established by the property developer Theodore Charagionis (b 1948) and his wife Joanna in 1977. The museum opened in central Athens in 2011 and displays more than 110 cars on three floors, although the total collection exceeds three hundred. The collection includes rare and distinguished marques, some of which are no longer in production including Allard, Jensen, Offenhausen, Adler, Delage, Packard as well as classics such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Porsche.The museum offers extensive educational programmes and is a popular venue for public events. In 2014 it staged an imaginative exhibition of cars made in Greece or made in other countries with substantial contributions by Greeks.

Hellenic Motor Museum
Ioulianou 33-35
10433 Athens
+30 (0) 21 - 0881 6187