Hedva Czech Brocade Exposition

In the building of the manufacturing textile factory Hedva Český Brokát, an exhibition on the history of silk, tie and brocade production in the region has been set up as a branch of the Rýmařov City Museum. The textile factory dates back to the Schiel brothers, who founded a factory for the production of silk products in 1890. As German property, the company was confiscated after World War II, amalgamated with other smaller firms and eventually renamed Hedva.

Visitors can see various weaving machines, the results of the weavers' work, including brocade robes for priests, and also a real gem - a reconstructed unique Prague Art Deco tie shop from the 1920s and a brocade hall whose walls are covered with brocade. Guided tours with demonstrations of how the cloth is made are an experience for children and adults alike.

Hedva Czech Brocade Exposition
Expozice Hedva Český brokát
Opavská 463/23
79501 Rýmařov
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 554 - 212381