Haynes International Motor Museum

The name of Haynes Publishing of Sparkford in rural Somerset is synonymous in the United Kingdom with maintenance manuals for cars, and the company displays a collection of more than 400 motor vehicles near its headquarters. It includes many examples of élite marques, such as Bentley, Rolls Royce and Jaguar, but also prides itself on vehicles of significance in local history, such as the Rover of 1950 which, when acquired by a local doctor, seemed to be a symbol of recovery from wartime austerity, or the Ford Cortina Mark I whose appearance in the mid-1960s offered every family the possibility of motoring in a medium-sized car. The principle sections of the museum are concerned with the dawn of motoring to 1908, veteran and vintage vehicles, cars manufactured in distant countries, micros and minis, Great British marques, custom and bespoke cars, the American Dream, luxury cars and Memory Lane, and there is also a red room of sports cars and a motorcycle mezzanine.

Haynes International Motor Museum
BA22 7LH Yeovil
United Kingdom
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