Granbergsdal Ironworks

The Swedish iron industry flourished for many centuries. The ironworks at Granbergsdal was built in the 1640s and operated until 1925. In appearance, the group of buildings is typical of early iron furnaces but it was extensively rebuilt in 1878, 1896 and after it was burned down in 1907. The complex at Granbergsdal is remarkable for its completeness. The single, 15-m high charcoal-fired blast furnace for smelting iron ore was rebuilt in its present form in 1909. It stands against the hillside with a timber building at the top to charge it with raw materials. Around it are a blowing-engine house and chimney, charcoal barns, iron-ore kilns, casting houses and a foundry. The group for the preservation of the ironworks started in 1983. Many activities for the local community and visitors are offered including games and nature walks, and there is also a café. Volunteers make charcoal on site.

Granbergsdal Ironworks
Granbergsdals Hytta
69192 Granbergsdal
+46 (0) 70 - 2088651