Gråbo Workers’ Museum

The Gråbo workers’ museum is located in a building that originally comprised three dwellings, built on the northern edge of Karlkroga by the Bofors company about 1870. The building is of wooden construction and covered in the traditional Falun Rot paint. At times in the past it has accommodated as many as nine families and between 50 and 60 people. The museum displays essentially the working environment of the women who belonged to the families of men who worked for the Bofors company. The museum comprises three dwellings displaying furnishings, kitchen utensils, foodstuffs and toys characteristics of 1885, 1918 and 1945. Part of the building is adapted as a classroom with traditional equipment of the early twentieth century. There is a shop which sells souvenirs and old-fashioned sweets.

Gråbo Workers’ Museum
Arbetarmuseet Gråbo
Korpkullsvägen 12
69153 Karlskoga
+46 (0) 586 - 33180