Gloucester Waterways Museum

How do you build a canal? Or a lock? The interactive computer in the Llanthony Warehouse can give you quite a headache? Tons of corn used to be stored here. Now the warehouse building in the Gloucester Docks houses the National Waterways Museum. Artificial waterways. Central England is full of canals. They were the most important transport arteries in the early industrial era and at their heart were the Gloucester Docks. The freight boats did not simply move around of their own accord. A visit to the museum will reveal a lot about the arduous lives of the boatmen. Here, for example, you can find out what it feels like to lift a heavy sack full of glassware. Or what it’s like to manoeuvre a barge through a model lock, complete with water and the rest. On videos you can see former boatmen talking about their work. And there are additional clips showing how people went about transporting the goods. And outside in the docks there is a whole fleet of historic boats, from longboats to tugs and a steam-driven floating dredger.

Gloucester Waterways Museum
Llanthony Warehouse Gloucester Docks
GL1 2EH Gloucester
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1452 - 318200