Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno

Krosno is the largest producer of glass, crystal and glass-fibre in Europe. The industry goes back over five centuries but in 1920 a large new production plant was established (later called Krośnieńskie Huty Szkła, Krosno Glassworks). At its maximum this employed 7,000 people. It continued after privatisation in the 1990s and has been joined by smaller producers. The Glass Heritage Centre opened in 2012. It has interactive displays, a cut-away model of a glass furnace, explanations of the use of glass in optics and special exhibitions by leading glass artists. But the focus is on experiencing the industry first-hand. Visitors begin in the glass-making workshop, where they can watch glassblowers and even try to blow glass themselves. The tour goes on to the decoration workshops, where artists explain how to stain and engrave glass and shape glass rods into designs. Products from the region are displayed to show the range of techniques and styles, including the most successful items exported around the world.

Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno
Centrum Dziedzictwa Szkła Krośno
Ulica Blich 2
38-400 Krosno
+48 (0) 13 - 4440031