Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum

Siuntio is in southern Finalnd, 60 km W of Helsinki, an area where many of the population speak Swedish. A small museum of homesteads (Siuntion Kotiseutumuseo, Pappilantie 22B, 92570 Siuntio, +358 (0)40 7689591), on the pattern established at Skansen, was re-located to its present site around the old Fredriksberg School House after the Second World War. It consists of a collection of cottages, cabins and other rural buildings removed from their original settings.

Carl-Erik Rehnberg founded an agricultural museum for the area in 1982. It portrays the last hundred years of life on farms in that part of Finland, showing above all the impact of mechanisation on agriculture. The museum has a collection of more than 100 tractors, an early combine harvester dating from 1937, and many household artefacts displayed in reconstructed interiors of rural dwellings, including some showing life during the Second World War. There are also reconstructions of shops from the 1920s and 30s, and a working smithy and a dairy workshop.

Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum
Gårdskulla 89