Funkerberg Radio Technology Museum

The windmill on the hill at Königs Wusterhausen was used for radio tests in 1911. A military radio station was built in 1913. It used Morse code and then did early experiments in voice broadcasting. The first radio programme in Germany was broadcast here in 1920. By 1926 there were 12 masts and three transmitter houses. Radio broadcasting continued from the site until 1995. There is a large group of impressive buildings. Some have been converted to apartments. Visitors can walk around the site. In the museum they can see a 1937 diesel engine that generated power for the transmitters, an exhibition of glass valves, transmitters, a landscape model of the site with its masts in 1938, and a display in the former broadcasting studio of how the Reichspost radio station operated.

Funkerberg Radio Technology Museum
Sender- und Funktechnikmuseum
Funkerberg 20
15711 Königs Wusterhausen
+49 (0) 3375 - 294755

Recommended duration of visit:3 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:90 Minutes
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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 1-5pm

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