French Brewery Museum

Saint-Nicolas-de-Porte is in Lorraine, on the banks of the River Meurthe, south of Nancy, and notable for the basilica dedicated to Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Lorraine, which houses some of his relics. The museum is based in a four-storey brewery of 1931 designed in the Art Deco style by Fernand Caesar (1879-1969). Visitors can see all aspects of the brewing process, including ancient copper mash tuns and a bottling plant, and there are collections of bottles and glasses. Outstanding features of the building are Art Deco stained glass windows designed for the brewery by Jacques Gruber (1870-1936), one of the principal artists in glass of the Nancy School.

French Brewery Museum
Musée français de la Brasserie
62 Rue Charles Courtois
54210 Saint-Nicolas-de-Porte
+33 (0) 383 - 469552