Forncett Industrial Steam Museum

The museum of steam engines at Forncett St Mary in the heart of rural Norfolk was established by Dr Rowan Francis, an anaesthetist. It is open to the public two days a week through the year, and engines are steamed on the first Sunday of every month during the summer. The collections includes some notable engines. A 150 hp Vickers Armstrong engine came  from Tower Bridge, London. It installed as a precaution in case the original engines were damaged by bombing during the Second World War. It was moved to Forncett in 1974, while the, two original engines are now displayed at the bridge. A 200 hp compound mill engine by Robey of Lincoln originally worked at the huge malting complex at Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and a 600 hp Worthington Simpson triple expansion vertical engine came from the waterworks at Dover. There are two other waterworks engines, Spruce, built by Gimson, which belonged to the South Staffordshire Water Company, and an Easton & Anderson compound engine from the Roall Waterworks in Yorkshire. A Hunter & English vertical engine was moved to Forncett from the Poplar Gasworks, London.

Forncett Industrial Steam Museum
Low Road
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United Kingdom
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