Forestry Museum

The Forestry Museum in Sopron is linked to the Faculty of Forestry in the University of Western Hungary, where the first collection of specimens and artefacts related to forest industries was established by Henry David Wilchens (1763-1832). The museum occupies premises in the Estaházy palace alongside those of the Central Museum of Mining. It opened in 1983 and provides a comprehensive view of forestry, which ranges from specimens of fossilised wood, through collections of insects made in the nineteenth century to modern woodworking machinery. Forest ecology is explained in detailed. One display shows how trees are felled and progress to sawmills. The museum includes important records of surveying and cartography, the earliest of them a forest map of 1658.

Forestry Museum
Erdészeti Muzeum
Templom utca 4
9400 Sopron
+36 (0) 99 - 338870