Fondazione ISEC

Fondazione ISEC was born in 1973 with the aim to collect, conserve and enhance sources and documents of the history of the Italian resistance movement, industrial companies and the labour movement. Fondazione ISEC has become a naBonal reference point for whomever interested in happenings concerning the poliBcal, economic and social history of the contemporary Italy. Throughout the years, at the early corpus of documents, many archives belonging to great industrial
businesses, parBes, poliBcal representaBves, militants and proponents in the fields of trade union and associaBons has been added.

Today ISEC conserves an impressive archival and book heritage: 6 km of documents, 170.000 photographs, 100.000 technical drawings, 1.500 poliBcal manifestos, 500 hours of interviews, 100.000 books, 4.000 newspapers.

ISEC was acknowledge by Mibact (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and AcBviBes and Tourism) as economic and territorial archive, and by Regione Lombardia as archive of remarkable historical interest.

ISEC makes its archival, bibliographic, photographic and audio-visual heritage available to the scienBfic community, to schools and to ciBzens through its public study hall. Moreover, Fondazione ISEC is an insBtuBon specialized in the protecBon and disseminaBon of a vast archival heritage coming from many important Italian companies (such as Breda, Falk, Ercole Marelli etcetera) and it is devoted to the appreciaBon of the local industrial heritage.

Current events of Fondazione ISEC are announced on its website.

Fondazione ISEC
Largo La Marmora 17
20099 Sesto San Giovanni
+39 (0) 2 - 22476745

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