Fondazione Dalmine

The Dalmine Foundation emerged in 1999, on the initiative of TenarisDalmine, with the goal of promoting industrial culture and enhancing the history of a business that has remained deeply-rooted in the territory for over a century and is now part of Tenaris, a global steel tube manufacturer. Preserving the historical archives, transmitting the memory of Tenaris, of the Techint Group and of its founder Agostino Rocca, carrying out research in the fields of business history and 20th-century economic and social history and disseminating the results through seminars, exhibitions, events, publications, meetings and educational activities. These are the guidelines of a cultural project aimed at a wide audience of scholars, researchers, schools, communities in which the company operates and visitors. Current events of Dalmine Foundation are announced on its website.

Fondazione Dalmine
Piazza Caduti del 6 luglio 1944, n.1
24044 Dalmine
+39 (0) 35 - 5603418

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